Yoga and my life on earth by Uwe W. Haspel

Wildpflanzenführung im Friedensgarten

Here I have summarized my thoughts about my recent development mainly with the perspective „my role in the physical world including economy and politics“. My „earthbound“ physical way is in some aspects extraordinary, otherwise as normal. More and more I make the experience that it is helpful telling other people about it – because I trust in you – and so you have the possibility to understand me better and you get to know me from another perspective. So I decided to write you these things.

My recent history: After many years I reached a situation as I longed for a long time ago, and I want to share it with you: Uncountable dark and bitter hours I spent in my “former life”, didn´t know what was going on, why I suffered so much. I had great pain in my heart. Feeling often very lonesome and lost, suffered from great fears and tried to understand these phenomenons. I asked myself where I find my sisters and brothers and

how I come in contact with them. Now I have found the solution rather direct. Like a gift I recognized one of my main tasks in life in the last days. Now I realize how important it is for me to serve with my life mankind and earth, the bigger system in which I am born into. Since eight years I am engaging in the “Schenkerbewegung = Givers Movement” and have done very much to be example with my life for a life with sustainment and love. In January 2010 I have locked my passport and made no more use of it since then. Because of my conscience in March 2011 I quitted officially the membership in the “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” and declared the political and economical independence – standing on my own feet and in GODs hands. Now I engage where I can for a system on the basement of love. I feel very much relief that I can let behind the time where I was a quiet supporter of the BRD. It is crystal clear for me, that this path is very important for me, even if I have many other fears now ( being isolated, with lack of shelter and help from other people), but I trust in GODs leadership and love. In the normal society I see no support. There I see the people mainly dealing with sorrows, material possession and inferior pleasures, partly also with material and social fears of existence. I see my place near people who are developing a healthy social, political and economical structure and who are keeping constantly in mind and attention also the welfare of the bigger systems in which we are born in and which are also support for us, the “cells of a bigger organism”. For example this means for me to support also the love and the attentiveness for mother nature and earth. If you like it then I tell you from time to time news about my life, also I am glad to hear news from you and if we may have an empathic exchange, get to know each other better in the main aspects. May 2011 is for me like being newborn. Also I feel much more at home in Pommritz in the „Friedensgarten = Peace Garden“, the small community where I am living, like never before. Andreas, who joined in January the project, and I are bringing many things into order and make it more beautiful – so that we develop more „flowers and fruits“ in another level of life. This year I planned three more classes for people from the region to get to know “wild herbs for nutrition, medical purpose and other use in household”, also two days where we want to present the work of our “association for the support of giving with love and without condition”. Since April we have a blackboard in front of the house with written information and photos about us, so we show more about us as a possible example, also as a possible object for critics and attacs. I am also taking part in events outside like the “Kirchentag in Dresden – meeting of the groups standing next to the protestant church”, also regional and germanwide events with the subject of sustainment in life (in all perspectives – ecological, social, political, economical , creative and spiritual. In Dresden we had a place at the entrance of the area and some posters and flyers, in which we wrote about love as fundament of political, economical and social life. We also distributed small presents, self made out of natural material like small angels out of raw sheep wool (before made to a thread), seeds of blossoming plants and beautiful slides of wood (like coins) and came to talk with many people about or activities and aims and the situation in society. We also had contact with members of other groups there and learnt about their activities (“Arche”-movement, Quakers). In Marburg we offered workshops about communication, conflict solution and agreement in “consensus” (the aim of finding solutions in a group without anyone giving pressure – it may be that there are people, who are against the decision, but they agree, not to work against the decision, but to stay quiet and peaceful, because they feel respected), also about singing, tuning and making music for social contact and resonance (also songs of universal peace). My role now I consider like this: if I realize, that other people have resignation, dullness, coolness, lazyness or fear, I tell again and again other people what I feel I have to say in thia very moment and tell them about my belief and experiences, if I feel that the other people are open for it. So I am doing the service of confronting my own resignation and my own fears, and I am training to develop my courage and my trust in GOD. My exercise is like Martin Luther said “If I feared that tomorrow the world would no more exist, nevertheless today I planted an apple tree…” and I trust in GOD that he/she knows whether there shall be fruits and which the results will be. My exercise is furthermore humility, being an instrument of GODs will. Also I am training to fulfill my task well, to grow energetically and to gain more clarity, to behave self confident when meeting other people and to be prepared that I might also meet resistance and suffering, naturally trusting in GODs company and shelter. So now I know much more, how important it is for me, that I am sharing with other people my contribution for a possible healing on this planet earth, and that I am doing this crystal clear, and that on the other hand I am as humble as a person who may have absolutely no success with his actions (as seen from outside) and who leaves the result totally to GOD. This task is very high for me, because I have to work very hard to deal with my egoism and my wishful thinking. I really would like to be a man who “changes other people to get better” and who helps for the salvation of the world. I train to completely give up these thoughts and wishes. Now I told you many things about my very important inner thoughts. They are fundamentally important for my ability of living like that. Naturally I consecrate all of my way to GOD. Out of myself I would not be able to live like that.

I hope you understand what I am telling. For this reason I am writing so frankly about these things. It is very precious for me if you answer me frankly and if we stay in loving and trustful contact ( Also I am planning to organize that meetings of groups of people, which have the same or very similar aims, can take place – I consider this as also very precious, maybe, you are also taking part there.

Cordially greetings from


Pommritz 5c
02627 Hochkirch